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Oct 01 2014

Green School's Development Programme has a mission to support key needs and innovation areas for Green School. The primary focus is to support the Local Scholar Programme.

Supporting the local community is a core Green School value. The Local Scholar Programme is one means to give back to the local community and to integrate with our neighbours. In turn, we also rely on the unique contributions of our local scholars and their families to enrich the social and cultural environment of our school. The ongoing growth and development of this programme is integral to Green School.

The Development Programme will also support Green School in other areas where financial support, outreach, networking, facilities and business development are needed. A key priority for the year is the development of a Green School Hub and Innovation Center.


We aim to work with companies, organisations, groups and individuals who are aligned with the Green School philosophy and who wish to make a significant impact on the world of education, innovation, sustainability and the environment.


Aldo's Kitchen will be transformed into the Green School Hub and Innovation Center

If you wish to support our local students or have any questions please contact Chris Thompson, Director of Development at

Christopher Thompson
Director of Development
Green School Bali

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