Bye Bye Plastic Girls To Present At Ink, India

Oct 01 2014

By John Hardy

Our very own girls are going to speak at INK, India. This is an amazing opportunity to attend, enjoy INK and show support.

INK is the TED of India. It's something I always refer to as the best 3 days of my year. It's very beautiful. It's going to be in Mumbai this year. It's a beautiful experience. It brings people together from all over the world and is really exciting.

It's run by Laksmi P​ratury​ and she's a firecracker. The entertainment is fantastic, the experience of the talk is great. So if you want to have an amazing experience ​from 31 October - 2 November 2014,​ I will absolutely recommend.

Here is a taste of INK Conference:


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Frollicking in Sewerage

By Jeff Cardinale of our Green School Press Team

Sewage is disgusting. It’s a stream of concentrated waste and garbage that comes with a scent that penetrates. It violates your senses. I was walking through the beach a short while ago, getting to know a few of the new students at the Green school, we saw what we thought was a beautiful stream. Upon closer inspection, it was obvious how twisted the water had become.
Colonies of bacteria had formed all around the sides of the waterway, slowly bubbling, the colour and viscosity of phlegm. A continuous flow of brown lumps, plastic bags, diapers and beer bottles amassed on a grate set up ahead to stop the toxic concoction from reaching the oceans and the view of the tourists.
Upon trekking a little ways to find the source of this cruelty, we were led to a terrible and sadly familiar sight; a small hill of garbage and a massive pipe, dripping out the contents of the sewers. Not really wanting to bother with the sight and let it ruin our beach day we headed to the sand, passed the grate, rented some beanbags and relaxed in the sun. The stream still in sight though none of the waste visible. It was out of our minds and we were enjoying ourselves, psyched for the weekend and in need of a break from school. It was summer break. We were all still in the vacation mindset.

All of a sudden, a horde of kids came crashing through our setup, kicking the sand up and enjoying themselves. They were so full of energy. Grins were plastered onto their faces. They were oblivious to all the shit in life… I mean literal shit; they jumped straight into the sewage stream.We laughed, all of us. Knowing the waters they were playing in were no doubt saturated with bacteria and garbage juice, a stream of sickness running down and splashing these children. The oldest couldn’t have been more than seven years old. We were still laughing, hard, but the mood changed when their handler or pembantu found them. She was an old Indonesian woman who looked sick of her job with a face of perpetual grumps.
She slowly looked ahead at the source, and saw the sewage; her next actions surprised us. She rolled her pants up to her knees, asked the kids to jump out. Within a minute she’d given up and sat back down. She watched them play, knowing full well what they were playing in. These kids were now naked, laying down in this stream of sewage and drinking it! God, these kids had to be infected with something by now. Did we do anything by that point? No, we didn’t. We just continued laughing and talking, watching the scene playing out.

I regret not doing anything, that’s why I’m even bothering to write this story. I had a chance and missed it: it was too funny to stop. I had a lot of chances to intervene. This whole episode lasted a bit more than a half-hour.
When finally their parents showed up, the maid had a look of fright wash over her and we thought the whole thing was done, but it wasn’t. Their mom took her camera out and now had lots of pictures of her naked kids frolicking in shit water. Could this be true? They were actually encouraging it. And then the couple jumped in with them. The maid sat on the sand and we laughed harder and harder.
We got preoccupied by other things, but in my peripheral vision but I couldn’t help but notice that the father had gone to take a leak down by that grate. Those colonies of bacteria had obviously reached his senses. Before he’d even emerged from the bushes he was yelling at his kids to get out of the stream. It was relief. Now that he had taken action I didn’t have to feel guilty about having found it funny, I could go back to being care-free.

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