GreenCamp Announces Next Bamboo U Course

Oct 01 2014

Green Camp is proud to announce another Bamboo U Course this December 2-8. This 7 day residential course will be led by GreenCamp with technical workshops delivered by expert craftsmen and architects at Ibuku- the design firm spearheading bamboo building and design. The course has a great balance of hands-on workshops and theory. Participants will learn how to make splits, to-scale bamboo models, bamboo joinery and bamboo wall-weaving. The course will include the building of a full bamboo structure that will become part of our campus.

People from around the world, with a common interest in bamboo, attended the previous Bamboo U course. It was a merging of different skills and backgrounds and this greatly contributed to the success of the course.


Bamboo U Aug 2014 - Bamboo wall weaving

Here is a review, left by a previous Bamboo U participant:

“I have just come back from the Bamboo U course and feel it is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. My vision for the future has been cleaned and I won't be looking back. Connecting with such a wonderful crew of people from all over the world with so much passion for bamboo, has lit a fire in my heart that is burning the trash of the past and opening doors I had never imagined were there. Immense gratitude to the organisers and everyone who came. Keep it up!”


Bamboo U Aug 2014- Making bamboo floors

Bamboo U is designed to empower participants with knowledge, inspiration, and ability to build their own bamboo building using innovative bamboo techniques and traditional, age-old craftsmanship. During this course we will start from the ground and move up teaching not only the basics of bamboo architecture but the corresponding more complex skills and practice, essential for successfully building a bamboo structure. This course is suitable for all people interested in bamboo between the ages of 16 - 60; architects, engineers, artists, activists, designers, teachers and students are all welcome.

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