Why This Green School Baby Deserves To Be Happy At School

Oct 01 2014

When you look at this beautiful cherubic Russian baby, Elisei Valinurova, how could you consider anything but a future characterised by happiness, joy, excitement and lifelong learning?

And yet so many schools believe that without pressure there can be no getting ahead in the big wide world. No pain no gain

School is meant to be tough! Well, is it?

Imagine a school where children can learn without effort, where they simply can’t help absorbing information. A school where learning is just so interesting; so much fun!

Children should be able to spend the day doing things some adults only wish they could. That is what we are all aiming for in life; spending our time as we would wish to spend it.

Childhood is short. If you don’t enjoy your childhood how can you truly grow up?

We owe it to our kids to give them this time. Life’s pressures will come soon enough. A pressured child is a short-changed child.

At Green School we assess children's individual learning and abilities to help discover and build on what they want to know. Standardised testing only assesses learning until the next stage. It is about entry and fixed milestones; and not about being.

A child has to walk by the age of one and talk by the age of two... But a baby develops at her own pace.

To have a whole childhood is to suspend adult expectations of who children are and what they should be achieving until they themselves signal they are ready to achieve it.
By Sophie Moeller

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