filming and photography by Soma Helmi and Green School parent, Carolina de Riva


Oct 01 2014

UN Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon, Comes To Green School

Green School signs Memorandum Of Understanding with Indonesian schools on what constitutes Green Education

What was it like as a high school student to host the assembly at which The UN Secretary General witnessed the signing of an agreement between Green School, the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation Agency (BP REDD+) and the United Nations Office for REDD+ Coordination in Indonesia (UNORCID)? Read Clover Hogans account.

Green School Seed gets the thumbs up from Dr Vandana Shiva

Orin Hardy outlines his vision for the Green School gardens in light of the world diversity expert's recent visit. A seminal moment in the history of our school

How To Create The Fourth Dimension Out of Bamboo and Rubber Bands - Students Just Do It

Challenge Week - Students Just Do it! Half-term ends with intellectual, creative, socio-emotional and physical activities, designed to push children out of their comfort zone.

World Biodiversity Expert Teaches Our Kids About The Evils Of Multinational Seed Patenting

Dr Vandana Shiva pays us a visit in her bid to spread the word on the need to “Save Our Seeds”

From Start Up To Sustainability - A History

As we move from kindergarten to adolescence, our seven year milestone is celebrated in words and pictures

Graduate Scholar Takes On TEDx With Passion For Balinese Dance

Gika Savitri stays close to her culture and does her old school proud by becoming the 2014 face of TEDx Ubud

Bye Bye Plastic Girls Turn To INK To Make A Case For Our Putrid Water Ways

Isabel and Melati Wijsen are invited to INK, India to shine a light on the Bye Bye Plastic Campaign as High School Press Team member, Jeff Cardinale, writes a piece on why their plight is so needed.

2014/15 Local Scholar and Development Programme at The Hub Of It

New on-campus Innovation Centre gives back to the local scholars and provides engine room for green thinkers to come together, hang out and hatch plans

A Woman’s Right to Conserve the Planet

Women, leaders, activists, funders and donors from 37 countries world-wide came to GreenCamp this summer with the powerful purpose of merging movements - the women's rights movement and the conservation of the environment.

Art and Culture Are One And The Same In Bali

Visual Arts sustains the Balinese Culture through teaching students traditional design, skills and craftsmanship

Students Take The Lead With KemBali

KemBali moves into phase two as students reach out with community clean-ups The thrift shop takes off and Eco-Bali gets behind our recycling strategy

The Biogas Cowboy From Bangil - What Could He Mean For Green School?

The Hardys take Green Studies teachers and Head of School to meet the man who turns pig methane into reusable gas

How Green Is My Valley

John Stewart tells of how his childhood as a farm boy has informed his career as a green educationalist

New Mepantigan Pit Plays Pivotal Part In School Pattern

Bali’s own mix of culture, drama and martial arts becomes an important part of the school week

Come Build a Bamboo Structure

Hands-on workshops bring theory to life as people from around world come together to build in bamboo

Frollicking in Sewerage
Mass Rescue of Beached Dolphins
UN Secretary General speech at Green School
Mahendra’s bamboo facts
Leornardo Di Caprio addresses
Jane Goodall on Green School
Vandana Shiva talks to GS community

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